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satria fu 150 modifications

satria fu 150 modifications
Suzuki Satria FU Airbrush Modification

Specifications of Suzuki Satria FU Cool Airbrush :

Airs next: Ohlins up side down
Rear Shock: YSS
Front Rim: TDR U-Shape 215-17
Rear Rim: TDR U-Shape 300-17
Swing arm: Suzuki FXR
Front Tromole: Custom
Rear Tromol: Custom
Chain & Gear: DID & CMS
Front Tire / Rear: FDR MP27 80/90-17
Disc: PSM
Front caliper: double piston Kitaco 4
Rear caliper: Brembo 2 piston
Master Home: Daytona
Brake hose: Daytona
Chrome: Dick Chrome
Graphics: Gress Paint
Cat: Spies hacker Black Mocca
Clear: Sikens

Modification of conducting a change, for example motor modifications, because among the current modifications to the motor is very fluffy melekukan and create new things in order to produce something different from the previous dri.

Models of motor modification is now very much, one modification of the Suzuki satria fu 150, which change the color bodynya use Spies Hecker paint by using a green pearl in order to get an interesting mix of colors, on the machines in this motor also change the color mesinya a chrome color, to make it look beautiful and different this motor using a wheel radius of a zip brand wheels also wear ninja drum, CDI TDR racing and many other modifications that change over this bike, modifications satria fu 150 this looks cool and special.

Tromol ninja warriors who used it should be specifically designed for the Kawasaki Ninja, but because the model is good, interesting, and cool and therefore many automotive enthusiasts like him, let alone use a large disk disc, drum ninja may be used for almost any type of motor , for example for motor suzuki satria fu 150 is able to use ninja drum with wheel radius is seen attractive, but not that easy way of installing it.

How to install the drum to the motor satria fu ninja 150 has a different way, one change of lava that is in the drum ninja with the existing original lava in lava or using a special motor for Suzuki that fits in with the ninja drum attached to didanosine this motor satria fu 150.

Suzuki Satria FU Modified is the most desirable motorcycle in great demand among young people especially for fans of the modifier and modification, they agreed average motorcycle sports kind of duck Suzuki Satria FU Modified already have a good design structure. If you want to modify more if you want to follow the modification contest Suzuki Satria FU Modified, live to do a little change, and Suzuki Satria FU Modified was more fierce and certainly more stylish. Here are some examples of Suzuki Satria FU Modified.

JAKARTA (DP) For the modifier and modification enthusiasts, Suzuki Satria FU 150 is a dream bike. The average agreed motorcycle sports kind of duck it already has a good design structure. If you want to modify, just make a little change, and Satria FU 150 even more fierce.
According to Didi Nurhadi, builder D2M (Duffy Duck Motor), Jakarta, Suzuki Satria FU 150 motorcycle with a look manly. Display essentially simplify modifier such tinkering deeper. When compared, the Satria FU 150 is a 'rooster'. Model front and rear is good, okay strength, and powerful frame, he said.
Didi added if the front of the Suzuki Satria FU 150 already has a design value of good. If you want to modify, it might be a touch more directed to the legs and part machine. Satria FU 150 owners usually ask Didi to add power capacity and a more leads to a drag style.
As Ozi example. Suzuki Satria FU 150 alerts in 2008 his, now, no longer the standard. Strength is increased by mengoprek dapurpacu with part-part racing. The legs more cungkring trimmed to receive the impression of a short and tight. Importantly power can, and style are also okay, he said.
Satria FU 150 modification phenomenon is clearly making it a target. Even the prices are still high because the scar is still a lot of demand

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Modification of Suzuki Shogun 125

Have a Suzuki Shogun 125? Bored with the looks? The following modifications may be you can try. There are two Suzuki Shogun 125 that has been modified to be cool.

The first production 2006 Suzuki Shogun 125.

Data modif:
Front tire: 120/60-17 Battlax
Rear tire: 150/60-14 Battlax
Rims: Suzuki GSX400
Upside down: Suzuki GSX400
Handlebar: Suzuki GSX400
Swing-arm: Aprilia 125
Sok back: Aprilia 125
Brakes: Suzuki GSX400
Body: Custom
Radiator: Jupiter MX 135LC
Speedometer: Honda F-150
Footstep: Aprilia 250

 Modification of Suzuki Shogun Arashi

Modification of Suzuki Shogun ArashiSuzuki Shogun Shogun Arashi Arashi Picture ModificationSuzuki Specification ModifiedBike Owner: Sabanano KamikoFull Body: Suzuki Arashi 125Front shock: Up side down "big bike" Rear shock: YSS "big monster" Front alloy: gold TMT 2:15 / 17Rear alloy: gold TMT 2:50 / 17Front tire: Swallow drag slick 2:00 / 17Rear ...

Modification of Suzuki Shogun 125, this one is really-really from my home town, Karanganyar – Solo. This Shogun belongs to Ryan Dwi P, member of B'CAC (Ban Cilik Auto Concept). He add a front disc brake and chrome almost all of lower components like, shock breaker and engine block.
He use Kyoso shock breaker in the rare and full bass HRP exhaust. To make his motor up, he beleave Tea-Pong from Sukoharjo to do the airbrushing.

modification shogun 125 sp :


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